Jambo!  Welcome to Kori Adventures Ltd.  We want to invite you to East Africa for the adventure of your lifetime.... a safari to the Serengeti to see the migration herds, a trek up the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, diving to see the spectacular coral reefs of Zanzibar… these don’t have to be dreams.  These are real possibilities.

Kori Adventures Limited is a blend of highly experienced tour guides who have long experience in Tour guiding and organized safaris to different tourist attractions sites.

The company offers all types of safaris, traditional driving safaris to all Tanzanian national parks, mountain climbing, expedition trekking, walking safaris and beach holidays.

In addition we offer a variety of safaris that encompass cultural experiences to many destinations outside the parks; these include opportunities to walk in the natural beauty of our country under the guidance of Tanzanians native to particular areas. Many of these programs are custom made to suit the particular needs of travelers and may include the opportunity to participate in village life if the client so wishes.

Welcome to Tanzania, Kori Adventure Limited and Safaris will be grateful to arrange your tour in Tanzania.

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